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The Mosalini Teruggi Cuarteto is a chamber music ensemble inventing a field of exchanges occupied and completed by Sebastien Surel and Romain Descharmes with their experience and sensibility. Four virtuosos; four unique personalities and a music that speaks about them.

Juanjo Mosalini, bandonéon, compositions, arrangements.

Hailing from the bandoneon tradition, JUANJO MOSALINI is today busy developing every facet of his instrument in ensembles that perpetuate Argentina’s greatest musical form.
Yet he is first and foremost a passionate interpreter of the seminal composers of the start of the twenty-first century. Whether in chamber groups or as a soloist in the world’s most prestigious orchestras, JUANJO MOSALINI makes the fueye speak with a musical vocabulary that is at once classical, modern and contemporary.
With a career that now runs to 20 years, JUANJO MOSALINI is one of the most prominent figures of the Argentine musical avant-garde in Europe.
In a duo with guitarist VICENTE BÖGEHOLZ, he explores the world of Argentine rhythms in current chamber music. As if that weren’t enough, with the collusion of jazz bassist OLIVIER SENS, he immerses himself in improvisation and the composition of electronic music.
It seems perfectly natural to him to give free rein to his personal creation in perfect harmony with the human voice, such as that of SILVANA DE LUIGI, with whom he has built up a repertoire for two in which each plays a major part. This kind of understanding permits him a remarkable freedom for solo bandoneon.
But it is on the world stage that this brilliant musician is the ambassador of his instrument, whether it’s in LUIS BACALOV’s Quartet, GERARDO JEREZ LE CAM’s ensemble or with TOMAS GUBITSCH.

JUANJO MOSALINI is one of the few international bandoneonists to feature as a regular soloist in major classical orchestras.
The list is long: the Rotterdams Philharmonisch, the Israel Symphony Orchestra, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestre de Bretagne, the Orchestre de Picardie, the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire, the Camerata de Bourgogne, the Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra (2004 CD on the Delos label), the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, the Berner Symphonie-Orchester, the Orchester Musikkollegium Winterthur, the Teatro Massimo di Palermo Orchestra, the Budapest Concert Orchestra and the Orchestra Ico della Magna Grecia.
Born in Buenos Aires in 1972, JUANJO MOSALINI is the son of JUAN JOSÉ MOSALINI, a leading figure in Argentine tango. Spending his whole childhood in the company of Argentine musicians, with GUSTAVO BEYTELMANN as his piano and harmony teacher, and benefiting from the guidance of ENZO GIECCO for his first steps in chamber music, he felt very early on the desire to open up new paths to this musical form.
Juanjo Mosalini started to learn bandoneon with his father at sixteen years old. In 1989, JUANJO was the guest of MARCEL AZZOLA at Radio France, where he was chosen to present the bandoneon on an programme devoted to bellows instruments, along with MARC PERRONE and RICHARD GALLIANO, to mention just two members of this big family.
That same year saw the creation of the Bandoneon Class at the Conservatoire de Gennevilliers. In 1993 he came top of his class and afterwards taught there for five years as an assistant. Today JUANJO MOSALINI is a full professor at the Conservatoire.
Between 1992 and 1997 His career as a bandoneonist really took off with the ORCHESTRE MOSALINI and the TRIO GOMINA headed by LEONARDO SÁNCHEZ.